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Volkskammer (People's Chamber)

Volkskammer (People's Chamber)

Supreme representation the people (Parliament) of the GDR. Through "Joint candidate lists" ("unity lists") of the parties and mass organisations of the "National Front" in the " democratic block", the ratio of majorities were determined from the start. In accordance with pre-determined ratios, the SED received 25 percent, the CDU and LDPD 15 percent each, NDPD and DBD 7.5 each and the remaining 30 percent were distributed amongst the mass organisations controlled by the SED. This meant that the absolute majority of the SED was already assured in the preparation for the election. Unanimous votes by acclaim.

First and last free and secret election of the People's Chamber of the GDR on 18th March 1990.
Election results:
CDU 40.9 %
SPD 21.8 %
PDS 16.3 %
DSU 6.3 %
Bündnis 90 2.9 %
Party of the Farmers 2.2 %
Green Party/UFV 2.0 %
Demokratischer Aufbruch 0.9 %
Others 1.4 %
Turnout: 93 %

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