The Fall of the Wall
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Harry Tisch

born 28 März 1927 Heinrichswalde
died 18 Juni 1995
Harry Tisch

Trained as building fitter; Reich work service, served in the navy in 1944/45, interned in 1945 in Flensburg. Locksmith; in 1945 German Communist Party (KPD), Free German Trade Union Federation (FDGB), 1946 Socialist Unity Party (SED), full-time trade union official, various activities in the district, state and county council (FDGB), party college, member of the Central Committee, member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the SED; member of the People's Chamber (Volkskammer), member of the State Council; chairman of the Federal Executive Committee of the FDGB; resignation on 8th November 1989 from the Politburo of the Central Committee of the SED; relieved of his office as member of the State Council; expulsion from the FDGB; on 2nd December, the public prosecutor issued a warrant for arrest; expulsion from the SED on 3rd December and subsequent arrest; released in 21st February 1990; re-arrested soon after, start of the trial in 1991, later released on bail; sentence: 18 months imprisonment for disloyalty, released after taking the time spent in custody into account. In January 1995, he was charged as a former member of the SED Politburo with the fatal shootings on the German-German border. In his last days he lived with his wife on a meagre pension in a newly constructed flat.

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