The Fall of the Wall
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Highest organ of the Central Committee of the SED. In 1989, the Politburo consisted of 21 members and 5 candidates. The average age was 67 years. The Politburo was in fact the centre of power of the SED, whose members were proposed by the Secretary-General and confirmed by the Central Committee (CC). Most of the members of the Politbüro were also secretaries of the Central Committee (CC) and in that capacity the leading officials for the individual special departments. The Politbüro had unrestricted power and dominated all political and economic sectors. Its resolutions were implemented by the government. On 8th October, the Politbüro resigned due to the pressure from the streets and reformed with only 11 members. On 3/12/1989, the Central Committee (CC) and with it the Politbüro resigned forever.

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