The Fall of the Wall
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Ingeborg Lange

born 24 Juli 1927 Leipzig

Training as tailoress; 1945 German Communist Party ( KPD), 1946 Socialist Unity Party (SED); 1947 Free German Trade Union Federation (FDGB); 1952-54 member of the People's Chamber (Volkskammer); secretary of the Central Council of the Free German Youth (FDJ); correspondence course at the party college, from 1961 head of Department of Women at the Central Committee (Zentralkomitee) of the SED and Chairwoman of the Women's Commission of the Politburo, member of the Central Committee, minister in the People's Chamber, member of the Committee for Industry, Construction and Traffic, from 1971 deputy chairwoman of the Committee for Employment and Social Policies, 8th Nov. 1989 resignation with the Politburo of the Central Committee of the SED and subsequently re-elected as candidate of the new Politburo; on 3rd Dec.1989 resigned with the Central Committee of the SED; 20th Jan. 1990 expulsion from the SED-PDS; retired.

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