The Fall of the Wall
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Gerhard Müller

born 4 Februar 1928 Chemnitz

Teacher training college; agricultural and civil engineering worker; in 1946 Social Democratic Party/ Socialist Unity Party (SPD/SED), Free Germany Trade Union Federation (FDGB), Free German Youth (FDJ), teacher, headmaster and district school council, secretary for culture and education at the SED county headquarters in Neubrandenburg, subsequently head of the Department of Schools, Technical Colleges and Colleges; between 1962-66 correspondance course at the technical college for agriculture in Neubrandenburg, 1st secretary of the district headquarters in Neubrandenburg and member of the secretary's office of the SED county headquarters in Neubrandenburg; between 1980-1989 1st secretary of the SED district headquarter in Erfurt, member of the Central Committee (Zentralkomitee) of the SED; member of the People's Chamber (Volkskammer); the SED' s Central Committee's Politburo candidate; expelled from the SED on 3rd December 1989; charges issued against him on 1st June 1990 for repeated misuse of trust, incitement to disloyalty and theft; ten months in custody; sentenced to eight months in prison in 1992, released due to time already spent in custody; in 1992, further proceedings were pending in Erfurt for violation of trust these were however suspended.

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