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Amt für Nationale Sicherheit (AfNS - Office for National Security)

According to a resolution of the People's Chamber of 17th November 1989 the Amt für Nationale Sicherheit ( Office for National Security) became the successor to the Ministry for State Security. The previous Deputy Minister for State Security Wolfgang Schwanitz became its head. The aimed for changeover process, which was to be of as little consequence as possible was destroyed by the resistance of the population. The climax of the citizens' protests was the storming of the District Administration of the Ministry for State Security in Leipzig ("Round Corner") on 4th December 1989. On 14th December the government decided on the dissolution of the AfNS. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution planned by the Modrow government was never established, on 8th February 1990 a "Committee for the dissolution of the former MfS/AfNS" was formed on the basis of a resolution of the government.

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