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Vereinigte Linke (United Left Parties)

Originally called: Initiative Vereinte Linke (Initiative of United Left Parties). A platform which developed in Böhlen from members of former left groups such as "Gegenstimmen" and "Demokratische Sozialistinnen" but also from critical members of the SED. The VL wanted a renewal of socialism while retaining the public ownership in production means and facilities. A first co-ordination meeting was held on 2/10/1989 in the "Umweltbibliothek" in East Berlin. The founding documents represent a consistent basically democratic-socialist policy.

The politics of the GDR were to be shaped by "anti-despotism, anti-Stalinism, anti-fascism, anti-militarism, anti-capitalism, anti-national socialism, anti-racism". The VL was unable to gain a large following - in December 1989 it had around 1 500 members - and therefore had more of an outsider role during the time of the changeover ("Wende").

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