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Grüne Partei (Green Party) of the GDR

On 05/11/1989 came the call for the founding of the party: In the "Declaration", the initiative group called the Grüne Partei ecological, feminist and free of violence. It sees its special goals in the consequent ecological restructuring of the country, in radical revocation of growth which destroys the environment and squanders raw materials and the Stalinist handling of people, the economy and the environment. It demands the final securing of lasting peace through a general and complete disarmament and the unrestricted equality of all women and men on all economic and political levels.

24/11/1989 constitutional meeting at the 6th Berlin Ecology Seminar.

09/02-11/02/1990 founding party congress: in Halle/Saale - adoption of statutes and framework programme, vote on alliance partners for the first free election of the People's Chamber. The preamble of the so-called "Hallenser Programm" states:
"The Green Party supports the reversal of the current fateful technical, economic and social development and to enable us and the future generations to live a life fit for human beings. Our goal is a policy of farsighted ecological and social responsibility. It is not orientated towards the material wealth of a small part of the population of the earth but on the solution of urgent global problems."

18/03/1990: At the election to the People's Chamber, the election alliance consisting of the Green Party and the Unabhängige Frauenverband (Independent Women's Association) gained 2.0%, the alliance 90 consisting of Demokratie Jetzt (Democracy Now), Neues Forum(New Forum) and Initiative für Frieden und Menschenrechte (Initiative for Peace and Human Rights) gained 2.9%.

23.03/1990: The Green Party and the Unabhängige Frauenverband (Independent Women's Association) were in dispute regarding the distribution of the eight mandates they had gained. The UFV pulled out of the alliance and did not gain a seat in the People's Chamber. The eight members of the People's Chamber of the Green Party were: Ernst Dörfler, Christine Grabe, Peter Hildebrandt, Matthias Platzeck, Bernd Reichelt, Uwe Täschner, Vera Wollenberger, Jürgen Mäder.
05/04/1990: People's Chamber gathers for its constitutional meeting. Bündnis 90 (Alliance 90) and the Green Party form a joint parliamentary group.

05.08/1990: The Green Party/Alliance 90 and the Green Party (FRG) agree on a joint election platform in East Berlin. All GDR groups are intended to receive a safe position of the list at the first all-German election.

07/09-09/09/1990: At the 2nd party congress of the Green Party in Magdeburg the party is renamed "Die Grünen". In addition, the resolution is passed to form a joint Federal Association with the Grünen West on 03/12/1990. Die Grünen from Saxony vote against the proposal. They prefer an alliance with the citizens movements. Christine Weiske and Friedrich Heilmann were elected as members of the future Federal executive committee of the Grünen. 02/12/1990: First joint German elections in two separate election areas in which the 5 percent clause applies. In the East, the election alliance "Die Grünen/Bündnis 90 - BürgerInnenbewegung (Citizens Movement)": Neues Forum (New Forum), Demokratie Jetzt, Initiative für Frieden und Menschenrechte, die Grünen-Ost, Unabhängiger Frauenverband and individual candidates of the Vereinigte Linke (Joint Left) has its candidates on open list positions. Result: 6,1 percent of the first votes and 6.05 percent of the second votes.

3.12/1990: The Grünen-Ost and the Grünen-West establish a joint Federal Association.

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