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Christlich Demokratische Union of the GDR

The CDU which as founded in 1945 on a cross-confessional basis was soon forced to adopt an ideological policy of conformity in the Soviet occupational zone. After the pursuit and ousting of its leaders (Jakob Kaiser and Ernst Lemmer) the Eastern CDU became a part of the " Democratic Block" of the so-called "National Front". Unter der leadership of Otto Nuschke (1948 - 1957) and Gerald Götting (1966 - 1989), the party subordinated itself under the SED in the state and the society and supported socialism as a political goal. After the changeover in the GDR in 1989, it resigned from the Democratic Block and established close contacts with the CDU of the Federal Republic of Germany. With the DSU and the Demokratischer Aufbruch it established the election alliance, Allianz für Deutschland ( Alliance for Germany), became the strongest party with the most seats during the election of the People's Chamber on 18/3/1990 and fielded the Minister-President of the GDR (Lothar de Maizière) and 10 ministers. The unification with the CDU of the Federal Republic of Germany was realised on 1/10/1990.

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