The Fall of the Wall
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Günter Mittag

born 8 Oktober 1926 Stettin-Scheune
died 18 März 1994
Günter Mittag

Air force assistant; training at the Reichsbahn; in 1945 - 46 Germany Communist Party/ Socialist Unity Party (KPD/SED); 1949 - 50 youth secretary and later chairman of the district management of the IG Eisenbahn Greifswald, member of the SED district headquarters Greifswald; from 1951 work in the governing body of the Central Committee (Zentralkomitee) of the SED, in March 1953 head of the railways in the Department of Railways, Traffic and Logistics, 1956 correspondence course at the College for Logistics in Dresden, doctorate; subsequently secretary at the Economic Commission at the Politburo of the Central Committee; representative of the GDR in the Economic Committee GDR - CSSR; from June 1962 member of the Central Committee of the SED, from 1962 member of the research council; head of the Department of Industry and Construction Industry of the Central Committee of the SED; member of the People's Chamber (Volkskammer), chairman of the Committee for Industry, Construction Industry and Traffic; deputy chairman of the State Council (Staatsrat); until 1989 member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the SED; between 1973-76 1st deputy chairman of the Minister Council; secretary of the Central Committee of the SED for Economy, head of the Economic Commission of the Central Committee; member of the National Defence Council; all leading functions removed on 8th Oct. 1989, expelled from the Central Committee and from of the SED in November; in custody in December 1989, discharged for health reasons; retired. Charged in July 1991 with misuse of government funds for the construction of his own private homes, unable to attend proceedings according to a medical certificate from 1992, the start of main proceedings is rejected in May 1993 due to his inability to stand trial.

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