The Fall of the Wall
 german flag

Wednesday, 14. March 1990


The four victorious World War II powers and the two German states begin joint negotiations in Bonn on the process of German unification.

DA Chairman Wolfgang Schnur announces his resignation. On East German television this evening, Schnur's former Stasi handler talks about Schnur's activities as an informer, saying Schnur provided mainly information on Church groups, peace groups, and environmental and human rights initiatives. According to the ex-Stasi officer, Schnur had risen to become a »top informant« with the cover name of »Dr. Schirmer.« An independent investigative commission in Rostock says 33 file folders of information on Schnur are stored in the former Stasi headquarters there. Schnur refuses to receive his party comrade Rainer Eppelmann; instead, surprisingly enough, he summons Prime Minister Modrow to his sick bed. During the visit, he not only asks Modrow for protection for his family, who live in Rostock and East Berlin, but apparently also apologizes for attacks on Modrow by his party in recent days, in which he was accused of being the »initiator of a smear campaign.«