The Fall of the Wall
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Wolfgang Schnur

born 8 Juni 1944 Stettin (Pomerania)
Wolfgang Schnur

Studied law, solicitor; gave legal assistance to representatives of the Opposition, including those arrested in 1988 following the Berlin Liebknecht-Luxemburg demonstration; member and vice president of the synod of the Protestant Church in Mecklenburg and of the GDR Alliance (Bund der DDR); on 29th October 1989 was a founding member of the Democratic Awakening (Demokratischer Aufbruch), elected as chairman on 17th December at the party foundation congress; participant at the Central Round Table; founding member of the Alliance for Germany (Allianz für Deutschland); on 8th March 1990 refuted allegations of unofficial work for the Ministry of State Security (MfS) which proved to be justified; on 14th March resignation as chairman of the DA , later expulsion; worked in West-Berlin as solicitor; due to the fact that Schnur had violated the "principles of humanity and the constitutionality" his solicitor's licence was revoked in July 1993; this decision was confirmed by the German Federal High Court in July 1994.

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