The Fall of the Wall
 german flag

Wednesday, 7. February 1990


The West German government agrees to the Chancellory's plan for rapid economic and monetary union with East Germany and forms a cabinet commission on German unity to accomplish it. The commission, composed of most of the ministers and chaired by Chancellor Helmut Kohl, will take the necessary preparatory steps.

The chairman of the conservative German Social Union (DSU) in East Germany, Hans-Wilhelm Ebeling, reminds the West of the need to aid his party. He says the Social Democrats' lead in East Germany could be narrowed »if people on the other side wake up and give us solid support.«

Newspapers report that despite Round Table objections, Chancellor Kohl plans six major events in East Germany during the election campaign. CDU General Secretary Volker Rühe will travel through all districts and provide active support to the Alliance for Germany.

The civic movements New Forum, Democracy Now and the Initiative for Peace and Human Rights agree in Berlin to form a joint »Alliance 90« and run a joint campaign for the March 18 elections.