The Fall of the Wall
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Monday, 5. February 1990


Parliament agrees to the formation of a »Government of National Responsibility« that would grant representatives of groups and parties at the Round Table positions as ministers without portfolio. Earlier, Premier Modrow urged parliament to approve the new governing constellation developed by the Round Table. He says the situation in the country has worsened since last week's parliamentary session, and East Germany can only be governed with broad responsibility.

Parliament agrees to bring the date of parliamentary elections forward to March 18. In a further resolution by the People's Chamber, activities by the far right »Republikaner« continue to be prohibited, and successor or substitute organizations with the same goals are also forbidden to become politically active in East Germany.

In West Berlin this evening, representatives of the three conservative parties Democratic Awakening (DA), the German Social Union (DSU), and the CDU, agree to run for parliament jointly on March 18 as the » Alliance for Germany

The striking miners at the Thomas Müntzer potash works in Bischofferode, in the southern Harz, are successful. Their demands for a 400-mark wage increase per employee and for the combine's economic independence are met.