The Fall of the Wall
 german flag

Tuesday, 28. November 1989


Chancellor Helmut Kohlannounces a so-called ten-point plan to overcome German division. He proposes gradually expanding relations between West and East Germany until they become a single federated state. However, Bonn links economic aid to »practical prerequisites.« These include free elections, an end to the SED's monopoly of power, release of political prisoners and dismantling of the planned economy in favor of »free market conditions.« The goal is development of a confederative structure; that is, the creation of a »federated state system in Germany.« There is no direct reference to an immediate unification of the two German states. Egon Krenz responds by insisting on the existence of two independent, sovereign German states.

The Christian Democratic regional newspaper Der Demokrat reports from Rostock that, until recently, personnel from the Ministry for State Security at the city's main post office had been reading all incoming mail from West Germany and the West in general. An entire floor of the post office had been set aside for them. Internally, this department was nicknamed »Herbert.«