The Fall of the Wall
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The Social Democratic Party of the GDR was founded on 7/10/1989 in Schwante. the founding members include Angelika Barbe, Martin Gutzeit, Markus Meckel, Stephan Hilsberg and Ibrahim Böhme who was appointed as manager and was later elected as Chairman. In March 1990 he was disclosed as an UM of the MfS and was forced to retire. At the end of November 1989, the SDP had approximately 10.000 members, by February 1990 approximately 100.000. On 13/3/1990, the SDP changed its name to SPD. In the elections on 18/3/1990 it received 21.76% of the votes. At the unification party congress on 26th-27th September 1990, the SPD-East united with the SPD-West.

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