The Fall of the Wall
 german flag

Friday, 22. December 1989


The Brandenburg Gate in East Berlin is reopened, in a pouring rain, to great international media attention. The breakthrough of the wall on both sides of the Gate for two pedestrian crossings marks a symbolic end to Berlin's 28 years of division.

At its third session, the Round Table adopts a list of priorities for future cooperation between opposition groups and the government. These include elimination of the secret services.

In apparent justification of the planned creation of an intelligence agency in East Germany, counter-intelligence reports increased activity by the U.S. and West German secret services. Western leaders, they say, are urgently interested in current information in order to revise their »political strategies for Germany.« In many cities, vigils and solidarity rallies are held this evening for the opposition in Romania, which has clashed seriously with security forces in the last few days.