The Fall of the Wall
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Samstag, 7.Oktober 1989

The 40th anniversary of the GDR ends in Berlin with protest demonstrations, which are broken up violently. Many demonstrators are arrested.

Montag, 9.Oktober 1989

The Monday demonstration in Leipzig passes off peacefully with a hundred thousand demonstrators

Mittwoch, 18.Oktober 1989

Erich Honecker resigns, Egon Krenz becomes new leader of the SED

Dienstag, 24.Oktober 1989

The election of Egon Krenz as Chairman of the Council of State sparks off new protest demonstrations

Freitag, 27.Oktober 1989

Amnesty for escapees from the German Democratic Republic, opening of the border to Czechoslovakia


Samstag, 4.November 1989

Largest protest demonstration in the history of the GDR in Berlin

Dienstag, 7.November 1989

The government of the GDR resigns

Mittwoch, 8.November 1989

The Politburo of the SED resigns.

Donnerstag, 9.November 1989

The Wall falls

Montag, 13.November 1989

The Peoples' Chamber elects Hans Modrow as new Premier

Samstag, 18.November 1989

Swearing-in of the new coalition government under Hans Modrow.

Dienstag, 28.November 1989

Helmut Kohl announces ten-point plan to overcome German division


Freitag, 1.Dezember 1989

The Peoples' Chamber resolves to abolish the constitutionally anchored leadership role of the SED

Sonntag, 3.Dezember 1989

The Central Committee and Politburo of the SED resign

Montag, 4.Dezember 1989

In Leipzig demonstrators occupy the headquarters of the Ministry of State Security

Donnerstag, 7.Dezember 1989

The Central Round Table meets in Berlin for the first time

Samstag, 16.Dezember 1989

Founding party conferences of

Dienstag, 19.Dezember 1989

Chancellor Helmut Kohl visits the GDR for the first time since the start of the revolution

Freitag, 22.Dezember 1989

Opening of the Brandenburg Gate


Freitag, 12.Januar 1990

Premier Hans Modrow decides not to build up a office for the protection of the constitution before the elections on 6 May

Samstag, 13.Januar 1990

West German politicians advocate a