The Fall of the Wall
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Radio Glasnost

A monthly radio broadcast of the West Berlin radio station Radio 100, in which many representatives of the citizens' movement of the GDR were able to voice their opinions as far back as 1987. Through the publication of documents which were in part procured by means of conspiracy and information of the opposition, through interviews with their representatives, as well as through the actions of the citizens' rights activists in the GDR, the broadcast played a not unimportant role for the announcement of the positions of the citizens' movement of the GDR in East and West Berlin and elsewhere. Radio Glasnost and Radio 100 were spied on by the MfS and - disturbed - in vain - by a broadcasting station from East Berlin. Editors of this broadcast which continued to follow the further development of the opposition in the GDR intensively included amongst others Dieter Rulff and Ilona Marenbach. With the end of Radio 100, Radio Glasnost also ended its broadcasts in 1991.

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